Saturday, August 23, 2014

Needle painted Flowers Finished

Well, I finished my second try of the Needle painted flowers.  It looks okay, but I can still see mistakes.  But the important thing is, it was fun and relaxing to do.
Below, I've put a crayon next to the finished hoop so that one can see the size of the project.

Now I just have to cover the back, and then hot glue the edges of the fabric to the inside of the hoop.
That's all for now.  Until another time have a happy stitching day!


  1. It is lovely! Great choice of colors in the perfect shades. Did you already hot glued it? Have you considered sewing a circle of felt or cutting a piece of cardboard a tad larger, lined it with felt and just push it in place on the back? Just in case down the line you will like to use the embroidered piece on a different project or put it on a frame then it won't have glue on it. just my two cents ;-)

    1. Thanks! You know, I didn't even think of a cardboard circle. Thanks for the good idea! Unfortunately I had already glued all of the edges. I will have to try the cardboard trick next time for sure!