Friday, August 15, 2014

Needle Painted Flower #2

A while ago I started on this needle painted flower.  I made so many mistakes!  But I kept going and used it for practice. 
See how full of holes the flowers are?  That's not good.
I went ahead and practiced the fish bone stitch on the leaves and a satin stitch on the stem.

Now, I've started another one (exactly the same) and have corrected a couple of my previous mistakes, but there are still things I wish I had done differently.   I didn't realize I was suppose to start with the petal that was furthest away, and most petals are either not defined enough, or too much.

For two evenings I was able to sit outside in my backyard swing, enjoy the peace and quiet and the feel of cool grass under my feet.  I stitched until the sun set and I could no longer see.  It felt wonderful!  Of course because I loafed two evenings in a row, the laundry pile is now huge, the kitchen needs a good scrubbing and the dust has collected, but there will be plenty of time to clean tonight as it's suppose to rain.
Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

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  1. It's coming along beautifully, love how the colors blend so nicely! Can't wait to see once it's complete!