Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blackwork Flowers

The past couple of weeks I've been stitiching away at a little flower medallion pattern that I found on Pinterest.  I was going to make a little bookmark out of it.
I started with the boarder first, which should've been left for last. Eventually, I made a mistake in the second medallion of flowers.  I was going a bit off pattern, and messed it up in a big way.  I will have to rip out the second medallion and repeat the first one, which is what I should've done in the first place.
The boarder (incomplete below) is from my Blackwork Made Easy book by Lesley Wilkins.

Ugh, so full of mistakes...I'm going to start another blackwork project soon.  Hopefully the new project will have fewer mistakes in it.

That's all for today!  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

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