Monday, September 21, 2015

Forgotten General Store

This is so very interesting!  This forgotten General Store (I believe it's located somewhere in Britain), is amazing!  Check out the link below.
 Seeing this made me think of all of the "general stores" I've seen in local museums.

First, there is the General Store at the Buffalo Trails Museum in my hometown of Epping.  This "general store" is just a cubical.  The Buffalo Trails Museum is amazing and takes up most of Epping's main street.  I'm just so glad that it is still being cared for and is still open after all these years.
Buffalo Trails Museum--Epping, ND
My favorite part...the Cheerioats box.

Second, there is the general store museum building in Stanley.

"Hello Mr. Grocer Man.  How are you today?"
"Oh, not so good.  I've been feeling a bit stiff lately."
(*sound of crickets chirping*)
Ahhh...T'ain't funny, McGee.

Flickertail Museum-Stanley, ND

This would've been back in the day when you TOLD the grocer what you wanted, or gave him a list, and he would gather your supplies for you.

Flickertail Museum-Stanley, ND

My daughter loves the checker game there in the Stanley store. 



Third, there is the general store in the Rugby museum.

Pioneer Village Museum-Rugby, ND

Pioneer Village Museum-Rugby, ND

The store in Rugby even has the cracker bins!  Next time I am there I will ask if I can peek around the counter to see the actual bins (I'm guessing they are made of metal--to keep the mice from chewing through, but maybe not). 

Pioneer Village Museum-Rugby, ND

The fourth general store we toured was in the museum in Kenmare. Their general store is inside a bigger building.

Pioneer Village Museum-Kenmare, ND

Pioneer Village Museum-Kenmare, ND
And last we have the general store at the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum in Rural Wolford, ND.
This store was located in the small town of Nanson, ND.  It even contained the meat cooler/display case that it used into the 1980s.
Dale and Martha Hawk Museum-Rural Wolford, ND
Dale and Martha Hawk Museum-Rural Wolford, ND

Dale and Martha Hawk Museum-Rural Wolford, ND

 It's so much fun to look at these photos again, to zoom in and to look at all of the interesting cans, bottles, and boxes of products from long ago.

That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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