Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Butterfly For Carol

Here is an easy butterfly idea from the web.  This took me about 10 minutes to do, it might take a smaller child a little bit longer. 
I started with 3 rectangular sheets of tissue paper.
I stacked the papers one on top of another, twisted them in the middle, then secured them with a pipe cleaner.
Place a clothespin in the middle.  I pushed the tissue as far as I could into the clothespin to make sure it would hold.
You can draw a face on your butterfly's clothespin.
Finally, I added a little note to the front.  I just used a piece of scotch tape.  I also trimmed the edges of the wings to make them rounder.  I liked them better untrimmed. 
There's an easy butterfly and very colorful too!
Have a Happy Day!

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