Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs and McCormick Food Coloring

For the first time ever we dyed Easter eggs as a daycare group.  This year I have such a great group of kids and they had a blast!
The yellow and green were my favorite colors.  To make the dye we used hot water, vinegar and food coloring.

The bigger kids made two-tone eggs and even three-tone eggs.
Here's a fun, vintage advertisement to McCormick Egg Dye from 1956.

When we cleaned out Grandma Eva's house one of the things I found in her spice cabinet was this pack of vintage Schilling/McCormick food coloring.  I've researched the internet for this particular packaging (with the plastic case) and can only fine one other one like it, and they are selling it for 8$ Wow!  I would be interested to know what year they are from (I'm guessing the 70's). The package is marked 29 cents!  Food coloring now-a-days is almost 5$ a package!

You can faintly see the 29 cents on the top.
Have a Happy Day!

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