Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on It's Way

Easter will soon be here and I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post.
Because we very rarely have people over for holidays, I usually don't decorate for any of them with the exception being Christmas.  But this year we are hosting Easter, therefore, I've been digging out my decorations and what a fun time it is.  I've also been cleaning house, organizing cupboards, and even cleaned out from under the stove (was that ever a chore!)

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite Easter things.
These are blown eggs with paper dots glued onto them like fish scales.  I made my first one ever during my highschool years just for fun.  After I married Shannan, I made a few more.  The best paper to use was from a paper note cube I'd purchased from Staples.  It had many colors as the colors melted into each other and it was swirled or twisted.  I've never been able to find another one like it (not even online) and because I've used up the one I had I can no longer make paper dot eggs.  Sad.
Then I started painting eggs.

You get the idea.  These were fun, but took lots of time.  I didn't make any of these this year.

I found these cute little deviled egg chicks on Pinterest.  I wish I knew whos blog they came from!

And how cute would these utensil carrots be for an Easter kids' table?!!  What a cool idea!

Browsing through my March 1951 Woman's Day I found many Easter related ads, mostly for shortening, and cake mixes.  This first one is for Baker's Coconut.  I appologize for the photos.  My scanner hasn't worked for years.  Until I get a new one these photos will have to do.
My Grandma Eva used to make a coconut bunny cake.  Here is a picture of my little (not so little anymore) brother and his bunny cake.  His birthday sometimes fell right around Easter, so this might've been a birthday cake.

And here's a pretty cake made with pastel toppers (candy maybe?)

And here is a Gingerbread Bunny! 

And finally, here's an ad for Swan's Down Cake Flour.  Beautiful cake!
Ha ha, the last line in the bubble makes me laugh. "A girl's best friend when she bakes for a man".  Being able to put a decent cake on the table must've been a big deal back in '51.  My husband doesn't eat or like cake (I know, crazy right?)  so my cake baking abilities were not as important in 1997 as they would've been back in the 50's.
I do wonder what the difference is between regular white flour and "cake flour".  Maybe cake flour was sweeter?  Will have to do some research.
Until tomorrow, have a Happy Day!

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