Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Curtains

I did it!  I made new curtains for our kitchen!  After much dreaming and planning, I decided to go with red gingham.  I've given up on ever having a butter-cream yellow kitchen and have decided to just go with red accents to compliment the dark blue walls.  The curtains are far from perfect, but they were inexpensive to make and they'll do for a couple of years. 
Here is how I did it.
I used flour sack dish towels.  I started by cutting them in half.
Then I folded the sides in just a bit to form the top ruffle of my valances.
Then I added a 3 inch red ruffle to the bottom of each valance and a 1 inch stripe of fabric at the top.  It's hard to explain exactly what I did so I'll just show you the end results.
This is how the valance turned out.  I'd like to do one more for the top to make it just a little fuller.  I'm a beginning sewer, so they are not perfect. I'm in the process of making cafe style curtains for the rod across the middle.
Here was my first attempt at cafe style curtains.  They were not wide enough, so I've started over.  When I get a little further along on them, I will post them. 
Have a Happy Day!

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