Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Main Street and the Huntington Beach Pier

One of the coolest things we did in HB was to walk out onto the Huntington Beach Pier. 
Shannan and I first walked down to Main Street to check out all the little shops and to eat.  We bought some souveniers and ate at a place called BJ's.  We had walked on Main Street a little bit on Saturday night (St. Patrick's Day) and we couldn't believe how busy it was with college kids running from bar to bar.  Well, once we saw Main in daylight and without it's crowd we noticed there was an Irish Pub right were it had been busy.  An ah-ha moment.  BTW the taxi cab drivers are crazy fast.

After eating and shopping, we decided to walk out onto the Pier. It had different little shops and a 50's diner at the very end (which we didn't know until we got there!)

There was this neat-o shop kite shop on the pier and we bought Autumn a nylon, rainbow pinwheel.

We walked to the very end of the pier, around Ruby's Diner.  They were playing music over the loudspeaker and the song was "You Make Me Feel So Young" and I think it was the Rosemary Clooney version.  If you turn the playlist off (to the right), you'll be able to hear it.

We didn't eat inside Ruby's but after hearing the 50's music, seeing the red booths, neon clock and soda jerks, I wish we had.  It looked so neat-o!  Next time for sure!

Ruby's from the air.
As we were walking, we saw this sea gull and Shannan said, "Oh, he only has one foot."  I hadn't even noticed.  How sad.  But he is banded (around the ankle), so maybe he was a rescue and release bird.

His lacking a foot didn't seem to bother his flying abilities and he was still a handsome bird.  I know they are basically trash compactors but they are still pretty with their white and grey feathers all neat and tidy.
The pier was a fun walk and if there is ever a next time, we WILL be eating at Ruby's and try walking the pier in the evening.

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