Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Happenings and Flea Market Finds

Whew! What a weekend!  Friday afternoon my computer locked up.  I did the usual unplug, remove battery, reboot, but it wasn't rebooting properly. My DH got up early on Saturday to start working on it.  He installed Windows 7 and was able to save all of my data (except my e-mails)!  Yea!  I'm so glad he knows what he is doing as I have very little computer knowledge.  And it was just last week that my friends and I were talking about technology and I commented on how I do not store any of my business records on the computer.  This week is a perfect example of WHY.  I quickly vowed to print hard copies of anything really important if I could just get my documents back.  And truth be told, I probably will. 
But I do rely on my computer for many other things.  It's become my social link to the outside world.   It greets me in the morning with it's happy little "ding-dong" sound when I power it up, and it sits quietly on my desk like a friend who is there whenever I need help.  Sometimes it helps me to spell words like antidisestablishmentarianism or rutabaga.  It shares recipes with me and helps me to find other people out in the world with similar interests.  My computer is a friend who has sat non-judgmentally as I've typed out my vents and frustrations on it's keyboard just to see them in black and white only to delete them later, knowing it will never tell others how ticked off or frustrated I was with a situation.  I've become quite attached to it.  You know the common phrase, "you don't know what you've got until it's gone".  That's how I felt about my computer yesterday.  I'd zip into the kitchen to quickly check facebook, or turn on some happy music, but would turn to see my computer not there. 

I heard someone once say it takes 60 days to rid yourself of a bad habit.  I went through one day without my computer and it was quite bothersome.  I don't think I'd want to go 60 days without it.  I could do it, mind you, I just wouldn't want to.

Because of my computer and my all-around blue mood Saturday morning, I did not go to my Small Catechism class.  I should have, as it might have cheered me up a bit, but I just couldn't open the door to leave.  I was all ready, showered, hair done, books in hand...just couldn't force myself to go.   I sometimes wish there was a pill one could take for shyness. 

After I knew my computer was going to be okay, I perked up a bit and remembered that Autumn wanted to go to the flea market.  We found a couple of good deals.

Autumn picked up a dozen knitting needles (nice one's too) for only $1.  She wants to go with me next Saturday to my crochet and knitting group to learn to knit.

I picked up this cool little book, Yesterday's Kids written by Bob Nesbit, a man remembering his childhood in small town North Dakota during the 20's and 30's.  Autumn and I have started reading it and we like it. 

I picked up a Nesbitt's Orange Bottle with the cap for $3.50 which is a steal.  Apparently I had a thing for the Nesbitts that day.  (see authors name above).

I've wanted a Nesbitt's bottle ever since I saw this old sign on the Ghosts of North Dakota website in the town of Regan.  There is just something interesting about this sign...I don't know who took the photo but I thank them whomever they may be.  Here is a link to Ghosts of North Dakota.  It's a fantastic site about ghost towns in ND.

I also picked up this cut little tin.  It used to hold something called cotter pins (whatever they are). I think they might have something to do with engines or automobiles?  One can never have too many cute little tins so I picked it up for a whopping 50 cents. 

What makes this little tin so darn cool is all the writing on the lid. 
Apparently this is a cotter pin.  There is one on the lid if you look closely through the words Hammer Lock.

Autumn and I each had a hot dog from the Timboe family's snack cart which is always kind of fun.  They run the flea and are always so nice.  They also own the antique store downtown that Autumn and I like to visit to look for old magazines and books. 

Have A Happy Week!

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