Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shelling Huntington Beach

After two days of waiting, I just couldn't take it anymore so I dragged Shannan to the beach. It was cold and windy, but I'm a smart little sheller (okay, maybe not little, but smart). We walked WITH the wind on the dry sand, so as not to get it in our eyes.  Going back we would have to walk against the wind so we dropped down closer to the water where the sand was wet and not blowing.  The waves were huge and bringing in lots of foam and cool specimens--so I made sure to return the next day.
Yup, lots and lots of shells. And not just little coquina shells either! There were scallops, shark eyes, California mussels and I think maybe a nice speckled Pismo clam (but I'm not positive on that one yet). Even Shannan was shelling with me! I'll make a sheller out of him yet, just let me get him to Sanibel Island!

I brought all of my little treasures home in a large ziplock bag.  They were still wet and needed to be air dried.  So I cut the back off of a cereal box, dumped them in, spread them around and placed them outside in the sun to dry.  They dried lickity-split and I brushed all the sand off of them and grabbed a few of my favorites.  When darling daughter got home we went through them.  I let her sort them and she kept the ones she wanted for her collection and we put the rest into my collection.

Oh what fun we had!

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