Monday, April 30, 2012

Embroidery Scrapbook

After a long and rainy weekend with not a whole lot to do, I finally found a project!  Yea!  I had forgotten about this little 6x6 scrapbook I'd bought at Hobby Lobby.  (Bonus:  It was in the clearance aisle!) 

For sometime now, I have wanted a little booklet to document embroidery projects.  A place to keep track of what DMC colors I used with certain patterns and fabrics, and a place for fabric scraps and embroidery patterns.

One of the decorating ideas I had for this plain, gingham scrapbook, was to put a strip of vintage material down the side.  But I didn't want to cut up any of my fruity, vintage tea towels to do so.   Frustrated, I put the book in a drawer and forgot about it for awhile. 

Last week I was digging through a box of craft goodies that had spent the winter in the shed.  I found a little sundress that I'd picked up at a garage sale for a dollar and a little light bulb went on.  I'll use it on the embroidery scrapbook! 

But today as I was standing there, scissors in hand and ready to cut, I just couldn't do it.  I have a soft spot for adorable little dresses and this one is cute.  So I did the next best thing I could think of.  I color copied the dress at 75%, colored the fruits a little darker with colored pencils (because photocopies never turn out color perfect), then cut out the fruits.

I glued them onto a strip of paper and attached it to the book.  Now for some ric-rack!  I had to hot glue the ric-rack to get it to stay put.

I added a few red buttons.


Now I have a place to keep everything.  It's not completely finished, there are some little finishing touches I'd like to add. 
Have a Happy Day!

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