Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My First Dresden Flower

Yesterday evening I completed my first Dresden flower! It was surprisingly easy to sew together. Now comes the hard part, sewing it onto it's backing. 
My parents were here for the day on Saturday and my mother, bless her heart, brought her collection of fat quarters with her and let me have some of her "feed sacky" type fabrics.
With the six fabrics I received from my mom (top of the picture), and the five fabrics I bought at the quilt shop downtown, I now have a wide array of colors and patterns for my flowers. Thanks Mom!

This is one of my favorite patterns my mom gave me.  You'd think I'd at least iron it before taking this picture, but no, I had things to do!  New fabric to cut up!
Here are some red white and blue patterns.  I might even try to make a red white and blue flower if I can collect a few more scraps in those colors.
Here are all the fabric colors lined up in a fan.  I never thought I'd end up with so many!
The next step is to find some white backing fabric, cut them into equal squares and start attaching my flowers to the backing.  It'll be tricky, but I'm excited to do it because I know how pretty the blocks will be when they are all put together in the end.  It's defiantly a learning process, but the ladies at the quilt shop downtown seem happy to answer all of my "beginner" questions.
Have a Happy Day!

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