Monday, September 23, 2013

Royledge Shelving Paper

Today I want to talk a bit about Royledge shelving paper and edging.  For woman who spent a large amount of time in the kitchen, Royledge added a bit of brightness and color to the space. 

This Royledge Ad came from my October 1950 Woman's Day.  That's 63 years ago! 

When the Mr. and I were checking out houses (mostly online) we noticed a trend towards the dark and modern when it came to kitchens.  Many of the quaint old homes of the teens, twenties, and thirties had been ruined by the flood of 2011.  Many of these homes were saved and renovated in a very modern way.  That's just the way the trend has been going.  Less white, and bright, more stone, tile and dark woods.  I suppose the average buyer probably doesn't have a wife who thinks a 1940's kitchen is a dream come true.

So we've gone from this...
Lots of opportunity to add colors and....I'm sorry, are those dancing vegetables on that wallpaper boarder?  I'll bet if we opened those cabinets, we'd find bright and cheerful shelf paper!
to this....
and this...

I'm just saying, the new "modern" kitchen doesn't seem like a very cheerful place to be.  Then again, with instant, microwave ready meals nowadays, some don't spend much time in the kitchen anyway ha!  We don't spend half the time in the kitchen as our grandmother's did.

Anyways, I've gotten off track and really it's a matter of, "to each their own". 

But, back to Royledge. 
The packages of shelf edging look a lot like bulletin board trim!  Here is an example which has already been sold on Etsy but that also came with color coordinating thumb tacks!
Such cute edging for Spring and Summer...or during those long winter months when there is not a flower in sight. 
The thumbtacks were used to tack the edging to the cupboard.  It would be interesting to see an old cupboard, to see if there are any tack marks in it still from days gone by.
Then, there was a kind of Royale shelf paper with the decorative edging attached!  How clever!  This one has also been sold on Etsy, but I'm glad they left the photo up because it is a good example of this type of Royledge.

And I just HAVE to share with you T-Cozy's blog and how she used shelf liners to dress up her pie chest. How Cute IS THIS!!  And good news, she also has an ETSY shop!  Yea! 
And I just LOVE those cute little dishes, they are so unique!
Here is one more ad for Royledge from 1954.

That's all for today.  I'm fighting a nasty cold and hope to be back up and around soon.  Until Wednesday, Have a happy, vintage day!


  1. I love the old Royledge. I wish I had more. I have some to match some canisters but I don't have it up. I will share what I have up some day!!
    See those paper doilies in the last ad? I have a box of those!! I still don't have a clue what to do with them, but I won't use them or toss them!! Any ideas to display the box?

    1. Hi Mecky! Wow that's so neat that you have the box and all with those paper doilies. I've heard that sometimes items are worth more because of the box. I don't really know how I would display them...maybe with some party supplies, vintage valentine items or birthday party theme. For some reason when I see those paper doilies I think of parties and Valentines Day ha! Glad you like Royledge!
      Have a great day!