Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vintage Ads Wednesday 2

Here are some vintage ads found in my July 1950 Woman's Day. 
Today we continue with this adorable car game for children, drawn by Richard Scary!  (you may remember him as the creator of the "Busy Town" books and books like Cars and Trucks and Things That Go!  He also illustrated a number of My Little Golden Books).

The game is a pretty good idea, especially for back in the days before ipods, ipads, and portable DVD players.  Do kids even look out the windows anymore as the car drives down the highway?  There is so much countryside to see!  Of course if you are sitting in the back seat, it's more like a blur of trees, the occasional car or mailbox and telephone poles with their wires dipping down and then up, then down, then up....until your stomach decides it no longer wants the Happy Meal you ate 30 minutes ago.  I suffered from motion sickness as a kid. 

And how about a set of knives?  For only 25 cents and a box top from any size lipton tea, a person could get these nifty little knives!  I've always thought premiums were interesting.
And I just love the little cartoon conversations between these woman friends. 
And here is another advertising premium and if I had a neighborhood friend I'd be sure and tell her about these nifty little sandwich toasters from Swift's Premium Canned Meats!  It looks like Swift Premium was a bit like SPAM.  One could make yummy little meat and cheese sandwiches in this handy little toaster, to be ready for the kids, as they walk home from school, through the cold and snow for a quick, hot lunch!  I would've just added some wholesome, Campbell's soup as a side dish and that would've made a warm, nutritious meal.

Last week I left off with a Brillo advertisement, so I thought that we could leave off with an SOS ad.

Funny, they look a little like hamburgers don't they?
That's all for today, until next time, have a happy vintage day!

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