Monday, September 30, 2013

Embroidery Absence

Well, I feel kind of bad that I haven't been posting anything about embroidery lately.  Sometimes I go through phases where embroidery is far from my mind and something else occupies my time.  Honestly, I haven't embroidered since our trip to Minneapolis in early July.  Part of the reason is I packed-up much of my crafting/sewing/embroidery items into boxes, anticipating a move that is no longer going to happen.  So now it's just a matter of getting the boxes back out of storage and unpacking them, and getting every little thing back into place.  Then I'll get back into the embroidery groove!

But until then I can spend some time working on my Dresden quilt!  The little flower petals are quite portable, I can take them anywhere to work on them.
There are now seven whole flowers and a few halves that I've put together and two of those seven are on muslin backing.

I'd like to embroider a table cloth at some point this fall or winter.  Something similar to this one.
I saw the one above on Etsy way back in June. 
And this one that is on Etsy right now!  How cute is this?!  I love that they both have crochet edges and I'd really like to learn how add crochet around the edges like these above.  I know how to crochet a little bit so I think I could learn how fairly easily.

I would also like to make some napkins for spring or summer next year.  Just some ordinary, napkins for everyday use, with a little embroidery on them of course.

Along with a table cloth and napkins, I'd like to do something with a Scottie dog motif.  But we'll talk about that later...I bought some really cute Scottie dog glasses and gingham napkins, but haven't been able to photograph them yet.  So, my new found love for Scottie dogs is something to blog about real soon!
Until then, enjoy the Autumn days ahead and have a happy, vintage day!



  1. The quilt looks wonderful. That is one of my favorite patterns.

    I love Scottie dogs! I don't really have a collection, but I do have a few things. The last thing I bought was a super tiny one. Maybe an inch long. I am afraid I will end up losing him!

    We have a little fabric and embroidery shop opening up soon. I can't wait. I don't do a lot of it, but I am still excited. We've had quilt shops and cross stitch shop but not embroidery!!!

    1. A fabric and embroidery shop, oh how fun! I sure wish we had something like that here. We have a quilt shop, but an embroidery shop would be wonderful!