Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dale and Martha Hawk Museum 2

Today we will explore a bit more of the Dale and Martha Hawk museum located near Wolford ND.
Inside the larger of the two school houses there were household displays such as the ones below.
Then we walked over to the old Nanson School house.  Vintage school houses are one of our favorite places in a pioneer museum.  They are always so bright and cheerful with their large windows, cute curtains and art projects hanging on the walls.  We enjoy looking at the old maps of North Dakota and sitting in the desks.  It's like stepping back in time for a few minutes.
Inside the small, one roomed school house.
Some nifty old school supplies.
Most pioneer museums have a cook car that were once used to feed threshing crews in fields across the county.  The cook car could move from field to field to feed the hungry crews.  It was probably very hot work for the gals who cooked in these cars..  Look at that beautiful, blue stove! 

Most pioneer museums have a little building with children's toys and dolls from yesteryear.
I thought this little baby doll had the cutest face of all the dolls in the building.
Autumn made the comment that some dolls are creepy, I disagreed. 
But then she pointed to this.
Touché Autumn.
After seeing that we ran for our lives to the little church for safety.  Just kidding, we walked along, lazily because it was that kind of a day. 
We looked around this beautiful little Lutheran Church, with it's embossed tin walls and ceiling, antique light fixtures, and green hymnals.  I miss the green hymnal.  Could it be that each generation misses the hymnal they grew up with?  They are proof that the times keep-a-changin' I suppose.
The photo below shows the embossed tin inside the church.
After stopping for a bite to eat, we walked over to what was once the home of Dale and Martha Hawk from 1937-1950.  Notice the tree to the right of the home is growing up through the bars of the windmill.  Amazing.
Vintage linoleum in the kitchen.
Most of my kitchen pictures turned out either blurry or fuzzy.  I learned a lesson to bring my better camera.
There were many things I loved about this kitchen but the sink was probably my favorite.  It is a single sink with single drain board.  And check out the green and yellow "tile" wall coverings that are so cool.
The tablecloth on the table (bottom of photo) is the same color as the tile wall covering.
Notice the interesting linoleum in the bedroom, along with the gorgeous furniture.
I'm not sure what the dresser with the mirror is called...maybe just a dresser, but it sure is beautiful.
The porch off the kitchen was where the wash day items lived including a very nice washing machine.
I liked this view from the porch into the kitchen.  I imagined it was probably quite inviting during the chilly, fall evenings to walk into the porch, at twilight, and see the kitchen lights glowing and a late supper on the table. 
The tree growing through the windmill stand.
We couldn't leave without treating ourselves to a Pride Dairy, Juneberry ice cream cone.
There were train rides for kids of every age.

Some creative person with a green thumb was selling flowers at the entry/exit.  A nice touch to a beautiful, sunny day.  We had such a fun time!
That was our trip to the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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