Friday, July 24, 2015

Homemade Circle Skirt

I've always wanted a vintage circle skirt.  The thrift shops and consignment stores around town don't have much for vintage clothing, and no vintage looking circle skirts, so my only other option is to make one.
I'm not a all.  My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas one year.  I think our daughter uses it more than I, and that's okay.  I'm glad she is learning to use a machine.
I started by watching a You Tube Video by The Vintage Vanity (I just love her videos and tutorials).  In her 4 step video tutorial she shows us how to make a circle skirt!
The first step was to pick my fabric.  It took me DAYS to pick just the right one for my skirt.
There were so many choices!

I finally decided upon this flowery fabric found at JoAnns. 
I learned that if you have a 40% off coupon, you get 40% off a single cut of fabric, no matter how many yards the fabric is.  For some reason I thought you only got one yard at the sale price, and paid full price for the extra yards.  So that was good news for my pocketbook!
Next I taped large pieces of tissue paper together to form a large sheet.  I measured my waist and did the calculations.  Then measured the length and used my measuring tape as a large compass.
After it was drawn, I cut out this cone shape and that was my pattern.  I would need to cut FOUR of these "cones" out of my fabric.
I laid my fabric out on the table, pinned the pattern and cute out four identical "cones".
I think my little vintage table was very happy to have someone doing a sewing project on its surface...especially a vintage sewing project.  Maybe someone did a sewing project or quilting project many years ago on this very same table.
I won't go into detail about stitching the fabric.  To be honest, once I was into the thick of it I didn't stop to take photographs.  The waistband seam had to be ripped out and redone, and the bottom hem was done the next day.  Let's just say it wasn't easy and leave it at that.  Hopefully I've learned from my mistakes, and if I ever make another circle skirt things will go a lot better.
Here is the finished skirt with two of the cardigans I already owned.  They match wonderfully, but I really wanted a green cardigan.
Daughter and I stopped into the local consignment store and, wouldn't you know, there was a green my size!  Yea!
The photo (farther below) is the only one I have of me wearing the skirt and sweater.  The sweater is Christopher and Banks, the skirt homemade (duh) the white blouse is from Kmart, the vintage sweater chain and screw/clip earrings I bought at a flea market, and the white belt was (I believe) my mothers from the 1980s. 
Sadly, when this photo was taken, I was not holding the little white wicker purse that somewhat matches the belt. 

The skirt doesn't really need the belt, I just like that it adds a little something. Next, I'd like to purchase a shorter crinoline to give the skirt a bit more fluff.
The skirt REALLY isn't perfect, it has its flaws, but it's good enough for me to wear around the house on those days when I'm feeling especially "vintage".  I'll throw on some Kitty Wells, sit in my sorta vintage kitchen and flip through one of my 1950s Ladies Home Journals.  Now if I only had a clothesline!

Until another time, have a happy vintage day!


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