Thursday, July 16, 2015

Old Time Radio Birthday Cake

My birthday came and went and my family saw to it that it was an enjoyable day for me.  Even the daycare kids were extra good for me that day!
After work, Shannan and Autumn surprised me with the most awesome cake, that proves they really do pay attention to my hobbies and interests.  What's better than a REAL 1939 Philco Radio?  
A frosted one that you can EAT!
Autumn teased that since I am now "officially" an antique, I should have an antique cake.  Haha!
AND, Autumn spent the morning working on a "top-secret" project that turned out to be my gift bag.  She found and printed vintage pictures off of Pinterest and glued them to a gift bag.  How Sweet!
What a wonderful day it was, and what a delicious CAKE!  (I love cake).
That's all for today. Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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