Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dale and Martha Hawk Museum Part 1

Back in late June, we picked up the folks and headed to the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum located a few miles outside of the small town of Wolford, North Dakota.  It had been 18 years since we'd last visited this fun little pioneer museum and much had changed during that stretch of time.
Here is a LINK to the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum's website.  It's a nifty little place to visit.
There are quite a few buildings spread across the farm.
One of the first buildings we explored had a small flea market happening, live entertainment, ice cream and pie.  Autumn bought a bag of popcorn from a popcorn machine that served two different drive-in theaters, one in St. John and one in Rugby.  I don't know which theater closed first, but the machine outlasted both of them.
We headed into the flea market where, wouldn't you know, I found a real nice lady selling costume jewelry.  I bought a new sweater clip and two pairs of earrings.
There was another woman selling her crocheted doilies and I bought this little beauty from her.  It can be used year round, but I think using it at Christmas time will be especially nice.
Next, we looked at some of the museum pieces that were in another large building.
Autumn discovered this beautiful collections cabinet full of rocks and minerals
donated by Norman Gilje.
Of course I was drawn to the antique radios on display.
Wait, what?!  A radio, cassette deck from the 1980s...Now I feel old! 
And I just love antique refrigerators.
We walked over to what used to be the Nanson Store.  The store was moved to the museum grounds many years ago and is quite an interesting trip down memory lane.
Inside the store, one could find objects from many past decades, the 19-teens through the 1980s.
And there was a post office in the back of the store.
 That's all for today.  Next time we will visit the house that Dale and Martha Hawk lived in until the 1950s, a building that housed many beautiful furnishings, and a Church.
Until then, have a happy, vintage day! 

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