Friday, July 20, 2012

Bon Ami

For about a year now my husband has been wanting to buy new dishes, but I'm the kind of person who buys something ONCE and expects it to last a lifetime.  We bought our dishes at Target when we got married about 14 years ago and they are still good.  They are no longer in style but the plates still hold food, the bowls still hold cereal and all are in pretty good shape.  The one problem they have are these annoying gray silverware scratches.
BUT I FOUND A SOLUTION!  Woot!  Bon Ami Cleanser!
Well, actually I got the solution from Apron Revolution, one of my favorite 50's Gal blogs. 
Bon Ami is French for "Good Friend" and what a friend it is!

First I rubbed BonAmi on half of this dinner plate then rinsed it off.  It's hard to see the difference in the photos, but the BonAmi really does help!

Once all of the plates are scrubbed clean and put away all nice and white again, hopefully the subject of "new" dishes will not come up again for awhile.

Bon Ami has been around for quite awhile, since 1886!  If you Google "Vintage Bon Ami" you can find many images of vintage Bon Ami.

Here is a magazine ad from my October 1933 McCalls Magazine.
Here are some interesting facts about Bon Ami and it's chick.

If I WAS going to buy new dishes they would REALLY have to speak to me "buy me! buy me!" They would have to be ones similar to these I saw on Brook Hollow Lane's Blog.  Love the fruit glasses and how she uses everything on the table to their full, vintage, colorful potential.
Here is a link to Brook Hollow Lane  It's such a FUN blog!
I like these...a lot.  But still can justify new dishes when the ones we have are perfectly good!  This photo came from the site below.
There is a site for Homer Laughlin collectors!

This glass is SUPER cute!
This tabletop design is very cute from TableTopTime's Blog

Until tomorrow,
Happy Cleaning Everyone!

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