Monday, July 23, 2012

Creative Space 2012

Time for a change. 
And since I can't do anything drastic like move to the country or a small town or even to a different house, or paint my kitchen...I have to change the little things that surround me. 
So, I decided to updated my creative space to reflect my style a little better!  This project has kept me busy through the evenings this week, and I can honestly say the now, my creative juices are flowing again.  The gray clouds are finally lifting and I can see the bright colors of the sky! (well, sort of, but at least it's a start).
This is my creative space before.
This was back when I was into drawing and coloring, etc.  Then I discovered embroidery and then Christmas came and I received a new sewing machine.  My hobbies change through the years.  I still like to draw, but for now I'm enjoying crafting a bit more.
But my space became a catch-all for so many things...for everyone.  Papers, books, even shoes seem to find their way onto my desk.  What a mess, what a mess.

Okay, so it still looks cluttered, but it's cluttered in a good way with all kinds of little treasures to cheer me and give inspiration.

It's a work in progress and is far from finished, but it's a start!

I'll post more picts in the future. 
Until Tomorrow,
Have a Happy Day!

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