Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mother Goose Shoe Box

One of my favorite things (among many) is my Mother Goose Shoe Box from the early 1950's.  It is a bright, cheerful yellow box with colorful pictures on the top and sides.

I'd be surprised if many of these survived.  I can imagine if I were a kid in the 50's, I'd keep the empty box and fill it full of treasures:  acorns from the trees, bird feathers, pine cones, pretty leaves, and clams found down at the creek.  OR maybe I'd fill it with my crayons, jacks and marbles. 
I'd guess this one sat up high on a shelf, untouched for years (with shoes in it). 
Here are some pictures!

The little box sits on my desk where it holds my pins, rick-rack and calligraphy supplies.  The little shoes in front of it I believe were my dad's from when he was a baby.
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