Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Jars

Would you believe this is the only Youtube entry of Hop, Skip and Jump By Artie Shaw I could find!?  Oh how I miss my play list!  I drive around to this in my car...yeah, I'm that nerdy.  Can I just pretend I'm driving around town in a cute little 55 Chevy with this cranked up?
Anyway, onto today's post...
I have a weakness for cute little jars...and not just jars but any kind of cute little container.  I keep
boxes too (like the ones cell phones and ipods come in) I turn them inside out and paint them.  I'm a collector and a "concealer" and am not sure where the sickness comes from (Grandma Eva perhaps, she saved everything in little margarine tubs and Schwan's boxes.)  Maybe there is a 12 step program I could go through to rid myself of this container saving habit.   
Until then, I will decorate and use them to my hearts content.
Here are a couple of my favorite little jars.
There is a reason they don't have lids....they hold stuff for me.
Tah-Dah!  Maybe I should add some glitter to my little bluebird friends before I clear coat them. I just love the little boy bluebird's flat cap! This bluebird couple was runner-up to adorn the top of my blue spice rack, but Autumn liked the bluebirds with roses better. So I glued these birds to a jar instead.
Later........I found some inexpensive little daisy appliques at Joann's!

The daisy appliques make the jar a just a wee bit cuter.

That's all for today, 'till tomorrow,
Have a Happy Day!

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