Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Embroidery Transfers

Over the last weekend we did some rummage sales and I came across these vintage iron-on embraoidery transfers for an amazing low price.  They are such a treasure!

These are the days I wish my scanner worked!  It would be so much fun to scan each of these into the computer.
This little bird is one of my favorites.  He'd be cute in blue.

Lets see if they transfer.  I'm thinking they won't since the copyright on them is 1969.  That's pretty old for transfer ink..........

THEY WORK!  WOOT!  The patterns that were cut out and used already didn't transfer very well, they were very faint.  But the ones that are unused transfer great!  Oooo, now the creative wheels are really turning and I'm imagining all of the cute vintage things I can embroider.  I'd like to embroider a cover for my sewing machine.

Till tomorrow,
Have a Happy Vintage Day!

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