Sunday, July 29, 2012

Box of Embroidery Transfers

Embroidery and Counted Cross Stitch were both introduced to me at an early age.  My third grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, wanted each of her students to learn how to use a needle and thread, even the boys.  We were asked to bring a dish towel to school and she had plenty of cross stitch-embroidery patterns and colorful embroidery floss to choose from. 
I chose a rooster my pattern, and by the time he was finished he had the most colorful tail feathers any rooster has ever had!  I wish I still had him today.
I first learned counted cross stitch from my 5th grade Sunday School teacher.  She had each of us cross stitch a cross onto a bookmark.

After a few years had gone by, and when I was in high school, I was embroidering again and my Grandma Eva gave me a box of embroidery transfers.  They were so old, most of them wouldn't transfer, but she'd given me a couple sheets of carbon copy paper to trace them onto cloth. 
Through all these years, I've kept the patterns and I'm SO VERY glad that I did, because they are a TREASURE!

Here are just a few of the transfers inside the box.  There are only a handful of transfers actually in their original envelopes (above) the rest are just folded and stored openly. These are the days I wish I had a scanner that worked.  Photos will have to do.

That's just the beginning of the transfers in the box.  I'll shoot a few later on and post them as time goes by.
Until Tomorrow,
Have a Happy Day!

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