Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Visit to Dakota Antiques in Minot

I was going through a bit of "flea market withdrawal" in early February (it had been November since I had been to a flea).  So, to cure this withdrawal, I popped into my favorite antique store in town, Dakota Antiques.  The couple who run the store are so friendly and always have good music playing in the background.  They also happen to run the flea market here in town.
Like a kid in a candy store, I browsed for a good 45 minutes to an hour, spending most of my time looking through their stacks and stacks of vintage magazines, something I could do for hours.  It was hard to choose only two, but I managed.
I left with these four treasures.
A Life Magazine from January 27th 1947 (which had basically just turned 66 years old), a Saturday Evening Post from March 22, 1952, a very old can of Bon Ami and a book entitled, This is the Life.  I've looked through the magazines and can't wait to share the contents with you.  I've looked at the book but have yet to start it.  The cover art is what drew me in with it's pleasant main street scene.  I'm hoping the stories inside will be just as pleasant.

And here is the can of Bon Ami which has been on my antiquing wish list for a long time (yes, I have an antiquing wish list).
I'm not sure how old it is, but it has some pretty dated illustrations on its sides.  I know it's NOT from the 50s, and the illustrations were updated to a more modern "housewife lady" in the 1940's---so my guess would be early 40's down to the mid 20's.  Mine is most likely from the 1930s and only has one of the top holes punctured at the top.  Maybe the person bought it in the 30s when money was tight and only punched one hole in the top so as not to waste any more powder than what was needed.  Oh, if only this little can could talk!
Until tomorrow,
Have a Happy Vintage-loving Day!



  1. I do believe you are right about the date of the can. Most likely the 40's. I have several old magazines so will have to look for sure when I get a chance.
    I just went to a flea market a couple of weeks ago with my mind set to spy some vintage woman's magazines.(like I need more) I don't usually find them. I did this time and was disappointed that she had 5.00 a piece on them. She ended up selling them to me for a dollar a piece! I was actually going to pass on the flea market that day!

    You found some great things on your trip. BTW, I have a cousin who lives in Minot.


  2. It's Beautiful Antiques Furniture

  3. Mecky, who is your cousin? Minot is a great town!