Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January Stitching

It's been so long since I've blogged!!  January turned out to be quite a busy month for us.  But I was able to get some stitching done and even completed a few projects.

The lilac dish towel above was a gift to my mother's friend, who, on occasion, gave us lilacs from her beautiful yard. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the finished project!  
For the lilacs I used DMC 208, 209, 210 and 211.  A mixture of DMC 704 and 702 was used for the leaves.

While working on the lilacs, I had to have a "back-up" project.  I can never do just ONE project at a time...there have to have a few different projects going at once.  Any more than two days working on a single project and I get antsy for something new.  I think it's a form of crafter's ADD.   So I stamped this little bird wearing a raincoat and stitched him along with the lilacs.  I used my metallic threads for the first time (on the puddle and rain drops) and while struggling this beautiful thread, I learned some very important lessons.   (By the way...I'm not sure this metallic thread is even made for hand embroidery.  It's most likely made for machines.  However, it should surprise no one that I didn't let that little factoid stop me from trying it on hand embroidery.) 
Lesson #1 
It is best to work with this thread in a room absent of little ears.  No matter how calm and even-tempered you may be, this stuff will make you curse like a sailor.  Okay, maybe it's not quite THAT bad, but it IS a pain in the #$%^&*.
Lesson #2
In an effort to preserve my sanity I will never again try to use the metallic thread by itself.  I found it difficult to work with when used alone (especially if trying to use two strands).
After much trial and error, I find that it is best to use one strand of DMC cotton floss and one strand of the metallic thread.  The combination works like a charm...although still a bit more difficult than just DMC floss would be.
Lesson #3
In the words of Yoda, "Challenged you will be.  Patience, you must have".  Much patience is needed when working with this type of metallic thread.  But it is worth it!  The results are really cool and you'll receive oooos and aaahhs of envy from your stitching friends.....  
Skeptical Kitteh says, "Really?  I don't think so."
....Okay, maybe not.  But the results ARE pretty cool.

The little birdie towel isn't quite done in the picture above, but I do plan on finishing him.

Until Tomorrow,
Have a happy stitchy day!!

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  1. I tried metallic thread on a cross stitch nightmare.....never again ! It is good to hear that you found a way to use it successfully and very kind of you to share this useful tip with us. Thanks Jen. Take care now. Marion x