Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's All Go to the Fleeeeeeea!

February Flea Market Finds!
Say that 10 times fast.
Another People's Book Club book entitled, In My Father's House to go along with the other People's Book Club book, This is the Life , that I'd just picked up at the antique store. 
Three Magazines including a beautiful Ladies' Home Journal from January 1937. 
And, a Woman's Home Companion from December 1947.  I'd never heard of Woman's Home Companion, so am excited to go through this one.
I also picked up a Ladies' Home Journal from December 1946 but sadly, it doesn't have a cover.

The flour sack in the background is a Holly Sugar sack that I just had to have because my mom's name is Holly.   The Fire King bird cup is just like the ones my Grandma and Grandpa used to have.  And finally, the little Sears Roebuck Sales Catalog is from 1957!  There are some beautiful dresses in that one!!

Where shall we start tomorrow?  How about the Ladies' Home Journal from January of 1937.
Until Tomorrow,
Have a Happy, Vintage Day!


  1. You found some great finds.
    I have heard of Woman's Home Companion. I have one, maybe two. They were great magazines.

  2. They are great! I am really enjoying the one I found and will have to keep my eyes open for more. Thanks for the comment, Mecky! Have a Happy Day!