Friday, February 15, 2013

Bluebird Tote

One cold, dreary, January afternoon Shannan called to tell me that he'd ordered me a little something that would be arriving via UPS that afternoon.  It was a "just because" gift and a "cheer you up on a dreary day" gift.  Some women like jewelry, some like flowers....I like crafts, and my husband knows this.
He'd bought me a Martha Stewart Bluebird Tote bag to embroider!  It matches my little, bluebird purse that I had embroidered in the car on vacation last year and I love it!  The kit comes with everything you need to embroider the front including a needle, directions and a good amount of thread.  I kept my left over thread and might use it for other projects down the road.
I worked on it the first week in February and finished it in time for the first flea market of the new year.  It will also make a great library bag.

Tomorrow, I will show you all of the treasures this little bag held as I perused last weekend's flea market.
Until tomorrow, Have a Happy Day!

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