Monday, August 17, 2015

Mr. Seahorse and Beach Day--Books and Crafts

Every summer we spend two daycare weeks on an Ocean/Beach theme. 
This year we read Beach Day by Karen Roosa Illustrated by Maggie Smith. 
We also read Mr. Seahorse by well know author/illustrator, Eric Carle. 
Our first craft was making a Mr. Seahorse.  Each child was given a piece of cardstock with a Mr. Seahorse drawn onto it in permanent marker.  They were invited to mist their seahorse with water then paint with watercolor paints.  The misting creates a "tie dyed" effect.
We also water color painted these cool fish.  You cut a triangle out of the paper plate to create the mouth and tail.
 Later in the week, we read Beach Day and did some beach coloring pages.
And had a beach snack!
 I'll post details of the snack next time!
Have a happy day!

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