Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our Gardens

Our gardens have been a work in progress for a few years now.  I think we finally have them the way we want them.
This is a step-by-step look at our progress.
2010  We called this "Spider Haven"  it was insane how many nasty little spiders we had living in those rocks.  Some were nice, Spindella types--Orb weaving garden spiders.  Some were nasty black and brown ones with jointed legs and teeth. (I swear they had teeth).
2012 we moved the rocks over to create a sidewalk. Unfortunately, those large bricks you see off to the right, broke apart the next year, from the ice melt we'd used in the winter. 
2013 we did it AGAIN.  This time with a sand base and smaller bricks.
My first attempt at a flower garden.  The soil was an unfortunate mixture of clay and sand and was NOT ideal for planting flowers.
2015  This year we ruffled up the soil and planted sod instead!
And here it is today.  The sod has been planted and flower pots put into place.
We also went from having one tree....
To having two trees in a kidney bean shaped rock garden. We call this "The Kidney Stone" 
We call the back garden "The North Garden".  That always makes Autumn chuckle.  She thinks it sounds quite fancy, like we own a Manor in 18th century England or something. 
The North Garden in 2012
The North Garden got ignored for a year or two, but this year has been revived.  A new pump has been put into the fountain and the little flower bed (that was overrun by weeds) is now covered over with rocks.
Those are our gardens.  They bring us much joy during the three months they are actually flourishing (the summer is just too short around here.)
 That's all for today. Until another time have a happy sunshiny day!

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