Friday, May 13, 2016

A Visit to Vintage City

A couple months ago (yes, I'm that far behind on blogging) the folks and I visited our favorite little antique shop, Vintage City.  They bought an antique wardrobe for mother's room.  I bought some of my favorite things.
A new, blue table cloth with cherries on it, for my vintage table.  It's not too bright, worn just enough to be the perfect brightness.
And this beautiful set of 4 bowls. 
 They are in amazingly good condition, therefore, I won't be using them.  No pancake mix for these beauties!

The little graphic on the bowls is adorable and very 1930s or early 40's.

Also, a red and white compact which totally matches my RW&B purse!  LOVE it!

It is quite possible that I bought this beautiful, embroidered chair cover that day as well.

Now I think I have a collection!

 Well, that's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy, vintage day!


  1. Oh wow. I love those bowls! That tablecloth is pretty sweet, too! Great finds!

    It seems like my mom had a purse like that. It looks so familiar.

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment, Mecky!