Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Catalog Shopping for Household Goodies

Back in the day, there was no ordering items from the internet, but there WAS catalog shopping.  Here are a few miscellaneous things from my 1950 Sears catalog.
For the home seamstress there were pages of colorful fabrics.
I like the turquoise and gray one above, along with the purple and blue with circles.

Let's look at china.  I LOVE blue set with roses in the center.  My grandmother had a set of the "Nantucket".  It's very pretty too, in person.

Below is a closer look at the blue set and the Nantucket next to it.

Pricing in 1950.
Some lovely table cloths.  I have the fruit table cloth in blue.

Some CUTE kitchen curtains.  I like the red ginghams, top, third from the left, with ruffles, the best.

Finally, check out this adorable stove.  I like a white porcelain stove.

Well, that was a fun little shopping trip down memory lane.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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