Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Patsy Cline

A couple weeks ago I bought a Patsy Cline CD.  I know, I know...CDs are a thing of the past and I'm not sure they are even producing them anymore.  But I like to have a good CD in my car for those rare occasions that I forget my ipod. 

Until this summer, I hadn't really listened to much Patsy Cline.  A few of her songs were familiar to me but there are so many good ones I'd never heard before.  My favorites are "Leaving On Your Mind" and "She's Got You".  There are certain days when her music just fits my mood.  Sometimes they play softly during nap time as I go about my business of doing dishes or folding the laundry.
Later on, I'll have to do some research.  It's a shame that I don't know more about Patsy or other female country singers of that time such as Kitty Wells and Brenda Lee.

So, click the link below and enjoy a little Patsy Cline to start off the week. (I just love woodchucky.com and upchucky.com as well.  I can find just about any song I could want to here AND they have 1940's tunes as well!)


Until tomorrow,
Have a Happy, Vintage Day!

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