Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lilac Towel #2 COMPLETED!

Woo Hoo!  After two weeks of a few stitches here and there, the lilac towel is finally complete!  It's been tough to find even just a few minutes to sit and stitch lately.  Hopefully this weekend I will find an hour or two.
I will try to find a nice little purple towel to go underneath this one.
I searched and searched for another spool of the purple ric-rac but there was none. I would've used it on the other two sides of the towel. But I'm glad I was lucky enough to find one spool and that there was enough for the two sides.

I used DMC 155 and DMC 210 (one strand of each) for each little lazy daisy petal.  The two colors mixed well together.  The next time I do a lilac, I will do a few petals in just the DMC 155 (the darker purple) to give the flower more depth.
I used DMC 470 (green) for the leaves and DMC 840 (brown) for the stems.

Another project done.  I will set this one aside for springtime.  It actually crossed my mind to make window curtains and valences to match, but then I stopped dreaming LOL!

Have a Happy, Stitchy Day!

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