Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art Organization

Organizational tools make my heart flutter.  I love, I love, I love them.
Sometimes I seriously think that I have so many hobbies, just so I'll have stuff to organize.  It's like a sickness, I mean check this out.

My sea shells all have little plastic compartments that they live in.  I spend more time organizing and cataloging them than I do just looking at them.

My rubber stamping stuff lives in a giant Sassaby Cosmetics Caboodle type of thing.  Again, lots of compartments for all of the little things that go along with stamping.

And don't even get me started with my children's book collection...(I think I would have enjoyed being a librarian).

Now, even my embroidery items have been organized.

But the hobby that really takes the cake when it come to organization is scrapbooking.  
The organizational companies took one look at the scrapbooking craze and jumped on it like a duck on a June bug.  They produced a wide variety of boxes, folders, binders and totes, each with a gazillion little plastic pockets and compartments to stow tons of scrapbooking essentials.  And thank goodness they did!  Scrapper girls were able to clear the dining room table of scrap supplies and feed their families again in proper style!

I used to watch QVC's Scrap and Craft day and they would have a whole hour set aside exclusively for organizational items.  There were Art Bin boxes, Solutions boxes, and totes of all kinds, ones with wheels, pockets, and flaps that opened and held all of your pens. All items that would get my heart beating faster. 

And even though I no longer scrapbook, I still love to organize my craft supplies and artwork.And these sweet organizers from Creative Memories are AMAZING for artwork and sketches!

Back in college, I had an elementary education professor who liked the word "packetize". Everything was done in packets. There were packets of worksheets, packets of note cards, etc.  She was actually delivered to class in a packet, would unfold herself and begin to teach.   She would love this product, and would probably create an assignment around it!   I can just hear her saying, "For tomorrow class, I would like you to create 5 reading and language arts file folder games with manipulatives that can be stored in the pockets of this packet, and every pocket must be used."  (I'd have loved that assignment!)

But I use mine for drawings.
Each folder has large center pocket that can hold 12x12 paper, and has pockets of other sizes on the front and back.
Here is the front side...I labeled the photos because the pockets are hard to see.

And here is the back side of the file.

And then the big 12x12 pocket in the middle holds large drawings!

If you were counting along, that is SIX pockets in all!  Woo Hoo!  That's a lot of packetizing!

Until another day,
Happy Crafting and Organizing!

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