Friday, May 24, 2013

Bluebird Day of the Week Towels

Hello Friend!  Another project has begun here at my house but this one doesn't involve moving rocks or digging holes *whew*.  It's a new embroidery project!!  I wanted something simple and relaxing to work on, much like my red work curtains were.  I chose these cute little bluebird DOW towels that I found on Flickr at this lovely site.  "mmaammbr's" transfer finds are adorable and I thank you kindly, "mmaammbr"!!

The patterns were printed and then transferred onto flour sack towel with my FriXion pen and light box.  For blue floss I'm using DMC 3807.  I was looking for a blue that wasn't too dark but that didn't look to "dusty" or "country" blue either.  After visiting my local craft store I found three other shades that would have worked (DMC 796, 797 or 792) but with the project already started I'll just save them for another time.  One of the expert stitchers out in Blog-land, Mom Wald, stitched her bluebirds using variegated blues and I really liked that too.

The Thursday "Going to Market" towel is my favorite, so I stitched that one first.

So that's what I've been working on these past few evenings.  One evening I even stitched outside, next to our new kidney bean shaped garden!  (That was before our three days of rain).  We had such a late start to our Spring it was nice to get back outside to just sit and stitch.

Until another day,
Happy Stitching!

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