Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Embroidery Floss Organization (yes, again)

In April I got the itch to, once again, re-organize my embroidery floss.  It was getting harder and harder to keep my collection of colors restricted to only one box.  And if I was using a particular color fairly heavily, I would run out so quickly because I had made the bobbins as thin as possible.  The situation was frustrating.  The only alternative I could see was to combine all of my colors (in most instances two bobbins of each color) into two boxes instead of just one.
But why stop there.  Why not put them in DMC color order?
Why???  Because it dawned on me that the "new colors" were added as part of previous color scheme groups and the only way to really "see" that was to buy the color chart.  (Clear as mud, right?)

I had studied the DMC color sample card at Hobby Lobby a couple of times, but thought they were only for more professional stitchers...but I decided that I really needed one for this project. 
At the time I purchased it, I had no idea that DMC used to have a card on the market with ACTUAL thread samples inside!  A little more pricy, but more accurate color-wise.  But I'm not a professional, or a counted cross-stitcher, so this DMC "printed color" card will do.  Besides, #1 I had a coupon and #2 I never had an actual thread sample card before, so really don't know what I'm missing.

When unfolded you are able to see six pages of all the beautiful DMC colors.
In order to know which colors I have available in my floss boxes, I decided to mark the numbers with tiny black dots.  Hmmm, looks like I might have to pick up some 3760, 517 and 3842.  They are really pretty colors and would finish off that turquoise color scheme nicely.  Maybe I'll wait until floss goes on sale.  Ah, that will be a good day....a fun day.  (Remember, it's the simple things in life...)
The pages on the other side of the card are filled with pictures and descriptions of the different kinds of threads DMC makes, so a person can know just what kind of thread they will need for each particular project.

So, with the new chart set up in front of me, I began sorting out my threads, one color-group at a time.
Here are the two boxes before.  The box on the left was for everyday use and contained one bobbin of each color I have and the box on the right held the extra "doubles" of each color.
The process moved along quite slowly.  It took around 5 hours over a few evenings to get all of the flosses marked on the card, sorted and into their boxes in number order. 
After.  Now all of the floss is still in two boxes but all together.  This arrangement makes so much more sense.
Now I'm all ready to stitch.  Maybe some cute little squirrels patterns will be next!
Until another day, Happy Stitching!!


  1. Great job on your floss organization. I've used the floss card for quite a few years. I have one from when DMC used to have real floss samples in their card booklet.

  2. Hi there,
    I just saw this post and admire you for doing this! Where did you get the tiny cards to wrap the floss around? Is it something you order from DMC or did you make them yourself? Cause I can get these boxes everywhere here in Tel-Aviv, but those little cards are the real magic in my eyes :)
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    1. They're called bobbins, and you can do a little of both. There are templates for making bobbins online everywhere. You can also get them from all sorts of craft stores, so keep an eye out online and in any local stores you may have. Hope I helped!

  3. I had a card with the actual samples in it. Loved it. However I lost all my stitching stuff 3 years ago and am beginning anew. I now have a new card with pictures only, But I have taken card stock, cut it the same size as the DMC card, and am attaching short 4 strad samples with the name and number on each. I first use a dab of glue to attach floss, then cover the stuck end with a pretty piece of glittery colored sticker. It works for me, or at least it will when I have more done on it. Janet