Monday, May 20, 2013

Springtime Projects

We have some Springtime projects going on at our house and we've been busy busy busy!

The first project is a landscaping one that my husband decided to tackle this year.  Over this past winter we had several of our paving blocks crumble, and they must be replaced.  So, we have decided to do other small landscaping projects as well in order to make the whole yard a more inviting space.
Walk way and "rock garden" BEFORE
AFTER or "Middle Stage" we should call it.  We moved all of the rocks using a shovel, wheelbarrow and our hands.  This space will be filled with flowers, shrubs and some larger rocks.  It will also have a pathway running down the center.
We planted another tree and moved the rocks to this kidney bean shaped bed.  For some odd reason we kept calling it the "kidney stone".  There is a pavement block in the center (behind the small plant pots).  A new birdbath will sit upon that pavement block!  I've always wanted to be able to look out my kitchen window at a lovely bird bath.
Along with our outside project I also have an embroidery project started, have been catching up on letter writing, AND have new garage sale finds to share with you.  But all of that tomorrow!  Until then, have a happy vintage day!!

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