Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beaver Creek Rummage Sale

The folks and I stopped at the Beaver Creek rummage, bake sale and lunch a few weeks ago.  The drive in the country was beautiful!
 There were some great little finds at this sale!  One of my favorites was this ice cream (excuse me, Ice Milk) container that someone had used to store all of their cookie cutters in for many years.  The cookie cutters didn't interest me as much as the container did so I transferred them all to another  basket.  The nice, elderly ladies watched me and were a bit surprised that all I wanted was the container.

As luck would have it there was also a box full of vintage jewelry, some of them quite old.
I picked out two pairs of earrings to add to my vintage costumes.
I also found this sweet, little, green pill box.

Daughter and I went gaga over these vintage wrapping papers! I'm guessing they might be from the the late 1960s...maybe early 70s.

Luckily, there are still quite a few days before I need to start thinking about Christmas!

That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!


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