Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Little Catalog Shopping in 1954

People don't do much catalog shopping anymore, but at one time, it was one of the main ways people could buy the goods they needed.  I've seen many a Walton's TV show where Olivia Walton is waiting for her Sears Roebuck package to arrive at Ike's General Store and Post Office.
Sears and Roebuck was like Walmart in book form, except most everything was made in the good old USA.
I was given a 1954 Catalog, by my uncle, last Christmas.  Many of the pages are not in color.  I suppose color was more expensive to print, but how did you know if you were going to like the look of the "Sea Foam Green" dress if you couldn't see it in color?  I guess women just took the chance.

Here is a sampling of color pages from 1954.  Let's go shopping!
The blue coat is pretty, especially if paired with black boots.
These are "Misses" dresses.  I'm not sure if women of my age wore these or not.  They ARE quite young looking.
I like both of these dresses for "everyday".  *sigh* I sure wish my figure was that small!  Ha!
And here are a few choices for little girls.  I like the little plaid one, in the upper right hand corner. 
That's all for now.  It's been a busy week.  Hope to post again soon.
Until another time, have a happy, vintage day!

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