Thursday, December 3, 2015

S is for Sunday Project Finished!

Here is the completed S is for Sunday Project.  At least I hope it's completed Ha!  Sometimes I take a closer look and realize I missed something. 
I just need to toss it into the wash for a good washing and then iron it and it'll be ready for duty as a dish cloth.
Lately, the dishcloths that I have been buying from our local drug store are turning yellow if they sit for any length of time.  I wonder if there is any way to remedy that without having to use bleach.  I stitched some red work chickens awhile back and haven't washed them yet, and the towels are turning absolutely YELLOW!  I don't dare bleach newly done red work, so I think I will wash them in cold first (to colorfast them) and then try bleaching them after that.  Hopefully the red will not fade with the bleach or I'll try "color safe" bleach.
From now on, I think I will try washing the towels right away, in bleach, when I get them.  Maybe they will stay white for longer.  We'll see.

Oh!  And I haven't forgotten about the rest of my goodies from November's flea market...I'll be posting them on Friday, so stay tuned!

That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

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  1. How cute. Nice stitching. I love vintage patterns as well. I bought a shoe box full of vintage patterns a few months ago. They're my treasure :)