Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rockin' Relics and a 1938 Wurlitzer

While on a trip to visit the folks, we stopped into Rockin' Relics café in downtown Rugby.  This particular café used to be an old hardware store, and the owners have put many hours of work into the old place to create one of the most fun and creative cafes I've ever visited.  You can check out their progress and daily specials on their Rockin' Relics Facebook page. 
Here is the café back in 2012 during our first visit.
That's my daughter (way back in 2012) with her jaw practically on the floor as she spies an antique jukebox.  She has a thing for jukeboxes just like her Momma.
A "real" soda from the soda fountain!
Not only is the food delicious (this last time, I had a cheese burger and baked curly fries), you get to eat it at a 1950s chrome and formica table!  The ambiance is wonderful, and it's like stepping back in time to the late 40s or 50s.  There are tin ceilings, and antique shelves full of fun little collectables, most for sale.
But the one thing I LOVE the most is this 1938 Wurlitzer Jukebox. (1938...No wonder I love it.) 
What a beauty!
This is not your typical "chome and bubbles" jukebox, much like you see from the 1950s.  No sir, this one is special.  I like the antique wood look this one has.  And take a look at the songs inside!  Songs like "Ole Buttermilk Sky" (one of my favorites) and "When the Lights Go On Again" (another one of my favorites) "A String of Pearls", and "Alexander's Ragtime Band".
It's SO cool!  I would love to know where it came from and if it still works. I'm sure needles for playing the old 78s are getting hard to come by, much like the Victrola needles.
Apparently, after a bit of digging on the internet, I found out that this is a 1938 Wurlitzer 500 Multi Select.  There were around 12,000 of them made, and they are a favorite among Jukebox collectors.
Here is a YouTube of one that is in tip-top shape, playing Life is A Dream.
Look at those amazing lights on the side!  Can you just imagine this beauty in a small, dimly lit canteen in the early 40s, ladies with victory rolls and pretty dresses and shoes, gentlemen in uniforms, dancing to a slow tune.
In closing, I'll leave you with one of my favorite tunes from the 1940s, Vera Lynn singing "When the Lights Go On Again".  Have a box of tissues handy. 
I can't wait to return to Rockin' Relics, this time for a malt, and to visit my favorite little Jukebox.
Until next time, have a happy, vintage day!

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