Saturday, December 5, 2015

November Flea Market Finds Continued

Time to finish up my vintage finds of November!

A few weeks ago, at the November flea market, I spied this little book from the 50s, and have to say, it's pert' near the cutest little farm book I ever did see.  I was tickled to find it too, because the one I already own is not intact and has pages torn or missing.  This new one is almost perfect!
The pictures are so nice and bright!
I suppose there aren't too many farm words that start with "Z"  I mean, it's not like farmer Brown raised zebras.  Maybe it should read, "Mother planted zucchini, and it's taken over the garden, grown over the clothesline, and we can no longer see the house."  OR  "The children are full of zeal as they chop through Zucchini vines to find the front door".  But none of those rhyme, so I guess Whitman Publishers won't be dialing my line any time soon.  Not sure what Zero means, unless they mean Zero Degrees temperature. Our temps haven't gotten down quite that low yet, but you can bet the farm, down to that green chair she's sittin' in, that we'll see sub-zero temps eventually. 

The Harker, Apple Pear, salad set was a great find!  I almost squealed when I spotted them amongst all the other little knick-knacks and what-nots, but managed to maintain my "poker face".


Yep, I can always use dominoes...the daycare kids love them! 
The box is in pretty rough condition, but I love the message, written in pen, on the back. 
"To: Gerald & Dale  From: Clara  Dec. 25, 1956"  How cool is that!?  I wonder who Clara was...maybe a babysitter, or maybe Gerald and Dale's big sister who was in high school and had plenty of babysitting money to spend on a Christmas gift for her two little brothers.  Maybe Clara had been doing some Christmas shopping downtown, and decided to visit Peterson's Drugstore and Soda Fountain, (because no trip downtown was ever complete without stopping into Peterson's to see if any of the gang was there, and to have something to drink).  And while trying to decide between a Dr. Pepper or a Coke Float, she casually walked down the toy aisle and spotted these dominoes, sitting on the shelf.  She figured they'd be the perfect gift for her two younger brothers, who liked to fritter their Sunday afternoons away by playing games.
Then again, Dale could've been a woman, like Dale Evans, and maybe Clara was a neighbor lady. 
Who knows, but it's fun to imagine and guess.

Those were most of my finds at the November flea market.
 That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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