Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daycare Candy Store

Well, it's not really candy, but the 3-5 year olds love to pretend that it is.
*I wouldn't recommend doing this with kids under the age of 3, and even some 3 year olds still put things in their mouths.  So you have to know your kids well enough to know if they can be trusted with smaller toys.*
To start, I found this old Whitman's sampler box that I had saved from Thanksgiving.  It was empty (candy boxes don't stay full around me for very long), cleaned out, and still had it's dividers inside.
We used plastic buttons, uni-fix cubes and round, wooden beads as our "candies".

Here is one of my little ones playing candy store owner.  He is putting together a box of delicious candies for me (I like mints the best).

The kids played with this for hours this week!
And another fun add-on activity is to sit down and watch the Curious George cartoon "Candy Counter" where George watches the candy counter at Mable's Department store.
Here George is trying to sort 4 greens and 8 pinks into 2 boxes.
That's all for today, until another time have a happy play day!

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