Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sewing, Stitching, and Quilting at The Pioneer Museum

For my stitching and vintage loving friends out there I thought I would post a few pictures of quilts and embroidery items that we saw during our tour of the Kenmare Pioneer Museum.
There were many vintage quilts displayed throughout the museum.  Here are a few.

A beautiful Signature Quilt.
Another Signature quilt.  Folks could pay 25 cents to have their name embroidered on a block.  Proceeds were given to the Red Cross.
Crazy Quilt (and some books I didn't look at!  I wonder what they are.)
Dresden quilt.  Every flower was the same which tells me that only these fabrics were used.  Maybe they were feed sacks, or a little girl's dresses.
This beautiful quilt is a Log Cabin quilt (I think).  So pretty!
This quilt was probably my favorite and I wish I knew what the pattern is called. 
Here are some pretty French knots.  Wow, I'll bet this took a few hours!

And here are some examples of beautiful handy work.
Colorful doilies.  I especially like the one with the grape bunches and leaves.
Some adorable embroidered quilt squares.
And here are some fun notions.
And some fun, fashionable patterns!
And I'll leave you today with a whole wall of patterns to drool over.  Aren't they wonderful!?
That's all for today, until another time, have a happy, vintage, stitching day!

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  1. How lovely, so much vintage eye candy! I too like that quilt with the "diamonds" pattern, the embroidered blocks & crocheted lace. Thanks for sharing!