Monday, July 21, 2014

Tommy The Turtle Park

One of our favorite stops in Bottineau is the Tommy the Turtle Park.

We love its trees and shady nooks.
We love it's sunny playground.
And of course we love Tommy the Turtle!
I wonder what the history of this Turtle is? states that Tommy was built in 1978 and is 30 feet tall, 34 feet long and marks the gateway to the Turtle Mountains in ND.  You can check out Roadside America's site HERE.  It's pretty cool.
And my most favorite part of this park is this tree.  Every year in July it blooms the most wonderful smelling flowers and every year I come to visit and practically inhale them.  I think they are Lilacs but am not certain. 
They bring back a memory to me that I can't quit place.  I think maybe it's a memory of a small bar of soap I once had from Avon?
Whatever kind of tree it is, I'd like to plant one in my yard.  It is fast becoming my favorite kind of tree. 
That's all for today, until another time, have a happy, sunny day!

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