Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacation Book Stores

While in Fargo, I checked to see if there were any "children's" bookstores in the area.  There wasn't.  But we did go to both the Barnes and Noble in Fargo, and the one in Bismarck.  They were both nice.

We were greeted by an elephant at Barnes and Noble Jr. in Fargo.

This Jr. part was very nice!  It was different than both Bismarck's and Minot's.  It's story-time stage was much smaller than the others we've seen, but it still looked like a fun place to spend an hour...or five. AND they had Locomotive by Brian Floca on display!  Front-n-center.  All the other stores I've been in have it hiding on the Non-fiction shelf.
The Fargo Barnes also had this cool Hands on Lego station.  I wished I was eight years old again.
We stopped at the Bismarck Barnes and Noble on the way home and I purchased the book, "Will You Be My Friend" by Nancy Tafuri.  It's a cute little book about being shy, and making friends.  The Daycare kids love it!


Here is Bismarck's story time area.  Pretty cute!
The Barnes and Noble in Bismarck was the first B&N Autumn ever visited.
Here she is when she was just little...climbed into this chair all by herself while I was looking at greeting cards.
And here she is today.  Her preferred reading material has gotten a bit more difficult, (going from Blues Clues to Harry Potter) and does she ever LOVE to read!!
And finally, here is the story time area in our own Barnes and Noble in Minot!
That's all for today!  Until another time...happy reading!

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  1. We too enjoy visiting book stores! B&N stores are the ones we frequent the most do to all the "amenities".