Monday, July 14, 2014

More From the Kenmare Pioneer Village

Daughter and I went to the annual Pioneer Days in Kenmare over the weekend and had a splendid time.  We ate an early picnic lunch in the windmill park, then drove on over to the pioneer village for a fun afternoon.

The first couple of pictures are for my Dad.  Remember when we visited the museum back in June?  There were these strange objects being stored inside the Bank.  I thought maybe they were lightening rods, but Dad thought street lamps.

Well, Dad was right, they are street lamps and as you can see below, they have found a permanent home on the museum grounds!  (I wonder if they actually work?  They would be quite an interesting thing to see in action.)
During our visit in June, we were not able to get a good glimpse inside two of the largest buildings on the museum grounds because one was being moved (and because of this move, one was without power).  But this time they were open, ready for viewing and WONDERFUL!
The first housed a doctors office and hospital memorabilia.
How cute is this little baby scale!? 
I wonder how many babies were weighed on this very scale?  Question asked, question answered.  There was a book further down the aisle that listed all the babies born from 19?? to 19??.  I didn't check the dates, but this page is from 1935.
Moving on...I liked the calendar wall full of calendars from local businesses in Kenmare.  There were quite a few, but I'll just show you all a couple of my favorites.
This one was my favorite.  I suppose it was from a grocery store.  I'll have to look up the Red and White brand.
Next time I am at the museum, I will have to take a closer look at some of these calendars and their pretty pictures. 
This building also house numerous, small collections.  There was a collection of antique valentines, Christmas Ornaments, greeting cards and this paper party napkin collection that I found quite interesting.
Sorry about the blurriness of the photo.  I found it's very difficult to take photos through glass.
There were many fun parts of our day at the museum, but one of the most fun activities we did was a scavenger hunt!  We picked up our questions at the beginning of the day and followed the clues to the different areas of the grounds to find these "cards".  After all of the cards were found, they spelled out a message. 
Our first clue was, "I can see clearly now!"  So, we stopped at the optometrist area in this first big building and found our first card.  
WHAT A HOOT we had finding all of the cards!  It helped that we had been to the museum before so we had an inkling where some cards might be.  We hope they do the scavenger hunt again next year!
One more thing for today, then we'll continue tomorrow.
I found this milk container fascinating!  I'd never seen one like it before.
I did some digging and found this really cool site about milk containers HERE.  It's called Doug and Linda's Dairy Antique Site.  I have some reading to do!
Until tomorrow, have a happy, vintage loving day!

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